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May 22, 2013

The one about the boy annotated paragraph

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Night The Summer wind Blows cool off the AegeanDillios Spins his StoriesTraining can make a man a Good warrior….but a Great warrior is crafted by the Gods. Our Favorite story The One about the Boy. He was Cold, The boy was coldHungry. It was his Initiation. His time in the wild. He would return as a Spartan or not at All. He had wandered far from Sparta far from Home. He’d Survived on Roots and Bugs and Rodents and now he was Freezing to death. He heard a low Growl. Cold, HungryFar from HomeDefenselessDefenseless. The Scrawny Stick he’d Sharpened. It was Nothing, a Joke. A child’s Toy masquerading as a proper Spear. He was Defenseless. He was Prey.

This passage is from the Graphic novel 300 by Frank Miller. In this passage Dillios is telling the spartan men a story about a boy that survives the wild to become king. supposedly their king, King Leonidas. Frank Miller brings the reader up to date on the legend that king Leonidas was before the battle of Thermopylae. Telling the story about the boy automatically get the reader to thinking there’s something great about him because he survived those odds against his life. The Spartans storytellings ways is always that of battle. War drives the society as every spartan wants to die a glorious death on the battlefield. Thus, thes best spartan stories of are those of men that has come to glory or of men that has died a glorious death.

The author wants his reader to feel what his characters feel at that moment. So the author, Frank Miller, puts cool in bold so the reader can visualize being brushed by cool air. Miller, throughout this novel, seems to put important words in bold. Spartan warriors enjoy telling stories about a warrior’s legendary exploits, that’s why Miller bolds the words Dillios, Spartan warrior, and stories. The novel 300 itself seems to be written in a storytelling format. As if a Spartan is speaking to you rather than you reading the story. The story about the boy Dillios tells is a story meant to put faith and encouragement in the Spartan men as they head to battle. Notice keywords like Defenseless far are repeatedly in bold during the story because the Spartans are somewhat far from home as they head to battle, and severely out numbered, seemingly defenseless. The boy defeated the odds and survuved the beast and the wild. Thus in doing so returned home. Frank Miller captures the importance of Spartan storytelling, giving his characters in 300 the advantage of confidence.

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