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May 22, 2013

300 segmentation

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I. King Leonidas introduction
A.Boy gets examined.
B.The boy fights his father as training.
C.Boy taken to Spartan war society
D.The boy is released into the wild
E.The boy returns as King Leonidas

II. Persians messengers Arrival
A.Persians brings message of submission from Xerxes
B.Spartans kill Persian messengers
C.King Leonidas visits the Ephors and oracle
D.Ephors betray King Leonidas

III. The 300 Spartans gather
A.Spartans leave for the Hot Gates
B.The Spartans join forces with the Arcadians
C.Persian ships are destroyed by a storm

IV. War Prelude
A.A Persian ambassador arrives
B.Persian Ambassador is attacked
C.King Leonidas meets with Ephialtes

V. Battle Begins
A.Persian and Spartans begin battle
B.Spartans defeat first wave of Persian soldiers
C.Spartan Queen negotiates council meeting
D.King Leonidas and Xerxes meet

VI. The Battle rages on
A.The immortals arrive.
B.The Spartans and Immortals begin fighting
C.Spartans defeat Immortals
D.Spartans celebrate victory

VII. Bitter Sweet
A.Spartans continue to fight the Persian army
B.Spartans battle magic and monsters
C.Spartan captain Artemis son is killed

VIII Betrayal
A.Ephiatles meets with Xerxes and betrays Spartans
B.Spartan Queen meets with Theron in hope of council support
C.Theron rapes Spartan Queen
D.King Leonidas prepares his men for glorious death

IX. The Council
A.Spartan Queen meets with the council for reinforcements
B.Spartan Queens stabs Theron
C.Theron treacherous nature is revealed

X. Glory
A.Persians ask for King Leonidas’s surrender
B.King Leonidas throws a spear at Xerxes
C.The Spartans are slaughtered

XI. Ending
A.Dillios returns to Sparta
B.Dillios meets with council to wage full war with Persians
C.Dillios tells story of the mighty 300 to Spartan army of 10,000

E. End Credits

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