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May 23, 2013

Cover Letter

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Dear, Viwer

Before entering English 391w I only knew the basic things about film adaptation, which during the semester I found out to be the wrong way to view adaptations. Before entering this course I figured in order for a film to be a successful adaptation it must follow the source material closely, and the further it swayed from the source material the worse the adaptation. Thus when selecting my adaptation to work with all semester I choose the graphic novel written by Mark Millar, Kick-Ass. I choose Kick-Ass because I felt like it was a successful and unique adaptation, in addition to myself wanting to work with the graphic novel.

I wasn’t able to continue my project with Kick-Ass because of it’s lack of scholarly sources due to it being a recent release. It was difficult to change my adapted text and film after wanting to pursue a project with Kick-Ass. After realizing I had to make the change, I choose Frank Miller’s 300 as my source text due to my familiarity with the film and still being able to work with the graphic novel.

I didn’t have a problem with completing any of the assignments, But writing my investigative proposal was new to me and it took me a while to grasp the assignment’s purpose. Once I understood how to write the investigative proposal the writing process went smoothly. The strength of my page is my final essay. I believe I deliver a argument that demonstrates why 300 is a successful adaptation and so well received. which undoubtedly sums up the work i’ve been doing all semester. As a writer I need to focus on delivering clear arguments in my thesis statements and following up that argument with decisive proof. Overall working with this project helped me realized the true definition of a adaptation and to respectfully critique a adaptation, it must be able to stand alone as it’s own piece of creative work while containing the spirit of it’s source text. This project help myself immensely and I look forward to working with adaptation and film in the future.

Sincerly, Christopher Hayes

May 22, 2013

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January 31, 2013

Hello world!

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